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Bubble soccer equipment is the latest craze amongst people and is more fun than traditional soccer. Bubble soccer equipment is not only safe when compared to football however is also much lighter than any sports equipment available in the market. These inflated balls are made of special material and protect you from every angle while you are playing so that you can enjoy the game completely.
The quality of the bubble soccer equipment is great and is customized as per the requirements. The bubble soccer is made 1.0 mm Plato PVC (Poly-vinyl Chloride) plastic and 1.0 mm Polyether TPU. The quality of TPU is better than the PVC bubble ball. They are engineered for safety and come with soft plastic handles and additional head clearance. It is an amazing big inflatable bubble ball which provides a mash up between human bowling, soccer and dodge ball. They cover your body and face while legs are free.
By using the bubble balls you can crash into other people and things without hurting each other and roll around in circles and hang upside down without any difficulty. These can be used both by kids as well as adults while playing soccer at the backyard or playground. They are an ideal gift for any soccer fan and can help you bond with your loved ones and friends.
Bubble soccer guarantees a lot bumping and laughter. You get to enjoy yourself so much hence thinking you are a minor again.
We are professional makers and suppliers of the bubble soccer suits. Have fun on this awesome game!